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Waste heat boilers are sophisticated special constructions and serve to increase the energy efficiency of thermal plants – e.g. behind gas turbines or gas engines. The waste heat of industrial processes is made usable by waste heat boilers and utilised e.g. as process steam, for power generation, or as hot water.

This form of waste heat utilisation significantly increases the efficiency of the entire plant.

Reference waste heat boiler
Project Clariant

Subject matter: Waste heat boiler THD-AK 20.000 Ü 22bar

Including planning, delivery, installation and commissioning of a natural gas-fired CHP plant consisting of two C1000 micro gas turbine packages and a waste heat boiler with auxiliary firing incl. auxiliary facilities.

Location: Moosburg (D)

In addition to the heart of the plant, the astebo boiler body, it is above all the new combined heat and power system that ensures an increase in energy efficiency. With a thermal output of 18 MW and an electrical output of 2.0 MW, the local demand for process steam of up to 20,000 kg/h is covered. At the same time, ten micro gas turbines generate a third of the required electricity. At full power, the system achieves an efficiency of 92.3 %. The process of cogeneration is defined as the simultaneous generation of electricity and usable heat in a combined heat and power plant. The central advantage of this technology is the reduced fuel requirement for electricity and heat generation that results from the extensive use of waste heat. In addition to the optimal use of the fuel, this also leads to a reduction in pollutant emissions. In this way, around 4,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide can be saved annually at the Moosburg site.

Reference waste heat boiler
Project Chimcomplex

Subject matter: Waste heat boiler THD-AK 28000 Ü 18bar

Location: Onesti (RO)

Technical data: Waste heat boiler with 1200 smoke tubes, 50m³ water capacity and superheating to 350°C

astebo was commissioned with the design, delivery, installation and commissioning of a waste heat boiler plant downstream of a gas turbine plant (8 MW) for outdoor installation.

The heart of the plant is the waste heat steam boiler. To increase output, a combustion chamber with integrated firing for natural gas and hydrogen was placed in front of the boiler. For the best possible energy utilisation, a flue gas heat exchanger system with feed water preheating, heating circuit stage and condensation stage was supplied. The exhaust system with silencer and chimney was also supplied by astebo. A feedwater tank with thermal degassing was supplied for the feedwater supply. The scope of supply also included the steel construction, the internal plant piping and plant wiring as well as a blowdown tank. The plant control system with gas supply was installed in a container next to the boiler plant.