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The main areas of application for warm and hot water boilers are heating centres for local and district heating supply as well as process heating systems. Pressurised water is used as a heat transfer medium. astebo hot water boilers are built with outputs from 1 MW to 40 MW. Depending on the water temperature, the capacity and the required pressure, an optimal product including equipment is offered according to the respective design standard.

The astebo product range includes three-pass flame tube smoke tube boilers, designed as single flame tube or double flame tube boilers with a maximum permissible operating pressure of 6, 10, 13 or 16bar. Special solutions with up to 40bar are also possible.

Natural gas, heating oil, biogas and hydrogen, as well as – depending on customer requirements – other types of liquid and gaseous fuels can be used as fuel for astebo hot water boilers.

The main features of the astebo hot water boilers are durability, operational reliability, economy, high quality of workmanship, low pollutant emissions and easy installation and maintenance.

Product portfolio

Product series above 120 °C Hot water boiler aqua 3E

Product series above 120 °C Hot water boiler THW-I

Product series above 120 °C Hot water boiler THW-IZ

Product series up to 120 °C Warm water boiler THW-I-NTE

Reference hot water boiler
Project Klagenfurt

Subject matter: 3 Hot water boilers à 33 MW
Location: District heating Klagenfurt (A)

In the course of the new construction of the Klagenfurt district heating power plant, a significant reduction in emissions was achieved:

In addition to an 80% reduction in nitrogen oxides and an almost 100% reduction in sulphur dioxide and dust, the efficiency of the heating system was also significantly increased.

Reference hot water boiler
Project Audi

astebo developed a system for the Audi plant in Hungary for the optimum hot water supply in order to supply the entire plant with hot water and hot water in a stable and highly efficient manner.