Burner systems

astebo for clean combustion


We are happy to assist with all relevant design issues and supply the exact burner best suited to your system. Depending on your process engineering requirements, we work out the ideal burner configurations for your boiler plant in terms of control behaviour, energy efficiency, emissions compliance and service. We have long-standing close relationships with all well-known burner manufacturers and are therefore able to ensure the ideal overall solution in the interaction of burner and boiler.

Know-how und competence


The development of the ideal burner-boiler configuration is carried out in close coordination between our experts for process and boiler technology and the specialists of the burner manufacturers. Special consideration is given to the operational requirements of the boiler user (e.g. fuel composition, efficiency, maintenance requirements) as well as legal limit values for emissions (e.g. NOx, noise).

Optimum matching of burner and boiler system


We attach particular importance to the optimum interaction of combustion chamber geometry and burner depending on the fuel used. The classic fuel range used in astebo boilers extends from natural gas to heating oil extra light to heavy. Special fuels such as hydrogen, as well as chemicals and fats from waste recycling are also successfully used in astebo boiler plants.

During the installation and commissioning phase of burner and boiler systems, our project management and commissioning teams ensure a smooth process and on-time acceptance.