Boiler control and BOSB systems

astebo for comfort and safety

We develop and implement electronic boiler controls according to the current state of science and technology and in line with your specific needs and process engineering conditions. We follow the principle of “keep it simple” and create visually appealing, self-explanatory graphical user interfaces.

One of astebo’s specialities is the conversion of existing steam boiler plants to state-of-the-art boiler controls and BOSB systems, using our special knowledge of boiler construction and process engineering to the advantage of our customers.


The expression BOSB has the meaning “operation without permanent supervision“. This is a device for monitoring the boilers, which serves boiler house safety. Some of the limiters for monitoring the boiler’s operating parameters are tested automatically during operation without shutting down the burner. This is only switched off after 720 hours or after every tenth test, insofar as no regular switch-off has taken place in the meantime. The legally prescribed standard limiter check must be carried out cyclically at least every 72h. If a check is completed positively, the runtime starts again over 72h.

astebo relies on a proven, unique BOSB system, which reliably performs regular direct physical checks on all limiters in the boiler system. The perfect functionality of the boiler safety devices can thus be proven beyond doubt at any time.