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All astebo steam boilers are manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Marchtrenk (Upper Austria) in accordance with European standards for steam boilers and pressure equipment. All common welding methods such as MAG, MIG, TIG, and UP are used by our certified and experienced welders. Production meets all welding quality requirements in accordance with the relevant standards. Based on our expertise, we also carry out repair and maintenance work on existing boiler systems.

astebo gmbh designs customised, customer-specific systems together with the customer, starting with the system planning. Process engineering analyses and extensive industry experience are combined for plant dimensioning and selection of the optimum plant components. Professional basic engineering supports the future operator with the submission and any necessary construction measures. Quality-controlled order processing with corresponding detail engineering, 3D production drawings from the in-house design department and a commercially/technically experienced project management team guarantee on-time order processing and commissioning of the boiler plant.

Full steam ahead!

Steam boilers have been in use since the beginning of the industrial revolution in the 18th century. Then, as now and in the future, saturated or superheated steam was and is an indispensable heat transfer medium in many processes and industrial applications such as:

Product features

  • astebo manufactures steam boilers as 3-pass shell type steam boilers individually “tailor-made” according to customer requirements.
  • The main advantage of this design is that a constantly high steam quality can be guaranteed even during short-term power fluctuations.
  • astebo boiler systems have a very long service life.
  • The output spectrum of astebo boiler plants ranges from 1,000 kg/h to 60,000 kg/h steam.
  • In principle, astebo boilers are fired with liquid and/or gaseous fuels.
  • Waste heat steam boilers are individually designed for a wide variety of applications, such as behind gas turbines or gas engines.
  • astebo boilers have an internal, completely water-cooled flue gas reversing chamber with astebo fin tube wall (without refractory lining!) for the lowest thermal stresses and high efficiency.
  • Stable and easy-to-operate boiler door systems facilitate inspection and maintenance procedures.
  • Generously dimensioned flame tubes with low heat load guarantee excellent combustion and thus reduce the emission of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides.
  • The water content of an astebo boiler, which is precisely matched to the requirements, ensures a continuous burner running time and thus reduces the burner switching frequency.

Product portfolio

Product series low-pressure Saturated steam TND-U

Product series high pressure saturated/hot steam THD-IZ Ü

Product series high pressure saturated steam THSD-I

Product series high-pressure saturated steam THSD-IE

Type series high-pressure Saturated steam THD-IZ

Product series high-pressure saturated steam THD-U

Product series high-pressure saturated steam THD-I

Product series high pressure saturated/hot steam THD-I-Ü

Reference steam boiler
Project Dunapack

Subject matter: 4 Steam boilers, THD-IZ 55000 Ü 16bar

Location: Dunapack Ltd., Dunaújváros (H)

Technical data:

  • 220.000 kg/h steam output
  • Combined firing with natural gas, biogas or extra-light heating oil
  • Efficiency 95.52 %
  • Natural gas saving more than 266.000 m³/year.

Reference steam boiler
Project Ashdod

Subject matter: Steam boiler, THD-IZ 48000 Ü 13bar

Location: Ashdod (ISR)

In addition to the entire steam boiler plant, astebo supplied the following components for the Israeli gas and steam combined cycle power plant:

– Feed water tank and feed water supply
– Metering unit
– Blow down tank
– Firing system, fittings and instrumentation
– Piping up to the transfer points
– EI&C planning, electrical wiring and programming
– Structural steelwork
– Chimney system