EI&C programming

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Electronic measuring and control technology

For the automation of our boiler plants, we use standard components from well-known manufacturers and thus ensure a comprehensive and permanent supply of our EI&C products. This enables us to achieve the highest possible availability of steam and hot water boiler plants for our customers.


Our control programmes are modular in design and can be adapted in a very short time – whether for new systems or existing systems. Transparency and safety for our customers are paramount for a lasting, stable customer-supplier relationship on a digital level. All functions are 100% tested in the course of product development and continuously optimised over many years of use. Further advantages of the modular control design are the timely and optimised commissioning of boiler plants, as well as the simple updating of operating instructions and documents.

Most modern technology for your boiler plant

We act up-to-date and only use state-of-the-art components. We maintain close contact with our customers’ maintenance and programming specialists for the continuous further development of the plant controls.

We offer extensive options for connecting the boiler controls to a (customer’s own) control system for monitoring real-time data and corresponding graphical evaluations.

We are here for you

Depending on requirements, we offer a proven tool for remote maintenance of boiler plants via VPN technology or via alternative systems of the customer.

Boiler sequence controls (for double flame tube boilers or single boilers in a compound) are our speciality and ensure efficient operation of the boiler system. This leads to reduced operating costs and optimised operation of the boiler.

Our programming philosophy in the development and realisation of graphic interfaces is based on the principle of “keep it simple”. This ensures that the plant operators quickly become accustomed to the new astebo boiler plant and enables procedural traceability of the processes in the boiler plant without the need to study process and plant documentation in paper form at the plant. Especially with highly efficient and complex systems, this philosophy becomes a real advantage for the system operator.