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Feedwater tanks
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astebo develops and produces all the tanks required for the respective boiler system. These are usually feedwater, blowdown and condensate tanks. The design of all tanks used in boiler plants is precisely matched to the plant characteristics by our engineers.

Product portfolio

Feedwater tanks

Condensate tanks

Blowdown tanks

Feed water tanks

Ideally supplied and processed

Feedwater tanks are mostly heated tanks and perform important tasks in steam boiler plants such as storage, degassing, conditioning and temperature control of the feedwater.

The design of the deaerator is of major importance and requires consideration of condensate quantity and temperature, fresh water quantity and temperature, deaeration temperature, heating medium and heating steam pressure.

astebo produces feedwater tanks with a capacity of 500 to 50,000 litres or a deaeration capacity of 0.5 to 50 m³/h.

Feedwater control

sophisticated - comfortable - safe

Sound process engineering knowledge and sophisticated control technology are required for the flawless interaction of the feedwater tank and the boiler system.

astebo uses controls developed in-house for this purpose, which are ideally matched to the entire steam generation process and ensure safe operation.

Condensate tanks

compact - reliable

Condensate tanks perform important tasks in boiler systems, namely collecting, temporarily storing and returning hot condensate for the boiler’s water-steam cycle. Condensate accumulates when the steam cools down and should be returned to steam generation for reasons of economy, as it is desalinated and already preheated. In this way, astebo makes a significant contribution to increasing the economic efficiency of steam boiler systems and to conserving resources and the environment.

Condensate control

automatic - economical

Condensate tanks are integrated into the boiler control system in the same way as feed water and blowdown tanks and are controlled by the level of the condensate tank and the feed water tank by means of pumping.

Blowdown tanks

Effective cleaning for optimum boiler operation

During the operation of boiler systems, suspended and solid matter is formed, which accumulates over time, partially sinks to the bottom of the boiler and is deposited there. For the proper operation of boiler systems, it is therefore necessary to remove these deposits. Blowdown tanks are used to clean the boiler water system.

Blowdown tanks are offered by astebo with a capacity of 500 to 2000 litres ready for installation and thus cover the entire performance spectrum of astebo boiler systems.

Blowdown control

simple - clean

The blowdown valve of the blowdown tank is opened at regular intervals. Due to the large volume flow that is effective for a short time at this moment, the accumulated foreign matter is carried along and discharged. The abrupt opening of the blowdown valve is effected by means of a pneumatic diaphragm actuator, which is controlled via the blowdown programme control and an integrated solenoid valve. Compressed air or pressurised water can be used as the control medium.