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Waste heat boiler - energy efficiency of thermal systems

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Waste heat boilers are used in a wide variety of special designs to increase the energy efficiency of thermal systems - for example in biomass furnaces, behind gas turbines or gas engines. The waste heat is used to produce process steam or hot water.

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Waste heat boiler | Heat recovery steam generator | industrial waste heat boiler

Optimal efficiency,
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A waste heat boiler (AHK) or waste heat boiler, waste heat steam generator, industrial waste heat boiler is a steam boiler that uses the hot exhaust gas from an upstream process (s) to generate steam and / or, if necessary, also to produce hot water. With this method, waste heat that would otherwise fizzle out is used and the efficiency of the system is significantly increased.

With the help of so-called steam turbines, the medium steam can be used to generate electricity, as process or heating steam in an industrial process or for district heating. Ideally suited for combined heat and power plants, gas and steam combined power plants and all those who want to recover electricity themselves.


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Reference waste heat boiler - Clariant project

Subject of the order:

Waste heat boiler THD-2AK 20000 Ü22bar
Including planning, delivery, assembly
and commissioning of a natural gas-fired CHP plant consisting of
2 micro gas turbine packages C1000
and a waste heat boiler with additional firing including ancillary equipment

Place of execution:

Moosburg, Germany


In addition to the heart of the system, the astebo boiler body, the new combined heat and power system is primarily responsible for increasing energy efficiency. With a thermal output of 18 MW and an electrical output of 2.0 MW, the local demand for process steam of up to 20 tons per hour is covered. At the same time, ten micro gas turbines generate a third of the electricity required. At full power, the system achieves an efficiency of 92.3%.

The process of combined heat and power is defined as the simultaneous generation of electricity and usable heat in a thermal power station. The main advantage of this technology is the reduced fuel requirement for electricity and heat generation, which results from the extensive use of waste heat. In addition to the optimal use of the fuel, this also leads to a reduction in pollutant emissions. At the Moosburg site, around 4,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide are released every year
can be saved.

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What makes astebo different from others?

astebo stands for austrian steam boilers; the Austrian producer for certified, high quality and durable products. We don't deliver off-the-shelf products, we deliver exactly what our customers need. Our company offers you tailor-made process engineering from in-house, through to construction and the entire project management. With us, you will be looked after by a motivated team of engineers from day one.


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