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Steam boiler astebo

Industrial steam boilers as Large water space boiler

We make steam. For over 40 years.

All astebo boilers are manufactured in the production plant in Marchtrenk in accordance with European standards for steam boilers and pressure equipment. The boilers are manufactured using the latest technology. All common welding processes such as WIG, MIG / MAG, UP and EHand are used by our certified and experienced welders. The production meets all welding quality requirements according to the relevant standards. These approvals also allow repairs and maintenance work to be carried out on existing boiler systems.


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Steam boilers have been in use since the beginning of the industrial revolution in the 18th century. Then as now, saturated steam and superheated steam were or are central components in many manufacturing processes:

  • Laundries
  • Paper mills
  • Power plants
  • Breweries
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical company
  • Hotels and tourism
  • Pharmaceutical companies, chemical companies
  • Automotive industry
  • and many more

Astebo gmbh manufactures steam boilers as shell boilers. The main advantages of this design are that a consistently high steam quality can be guaranteed even during short-term fluctuations in output. In addition, such systems have a very long service life. Astebo gmbh's range of services extends from 400 kg of steam per hour to 60,000 kg / h. In principle, the boilers are fired with all liquid and gaseous fuels. As waste heat boilers, the boilers are used for a wide variety of special designs, such as in biomass firing systems, behind gas turbines or behind gas engines.

Steam boiler astebo

Production specifically according to customer requirements


Astebo gmbh manufactures its boilers according to customer requirements and tasks, so to speak "TailorMade". The boiler systems are assembled on site by the production's own assembly staff and prepared for commissioning.

The classic three-pass flame tube smoke tube boiler of the type THSD-I with internal, completely water-cooled flue gas turning chamber with astebo fin tube wall guarantees high efficiency. The boiler body consists of the cylindrical shell, the front and rear floor, the centrally arranged flame tube including the rear flue gas reversing chamber, the flue pipes and the fitting pipe attached to the side. The boiler door is used to accommodate the burner and is thermally insulated and closable so that it is smoke-tight. The boiler body is provided with all necessary inspection openings.

The generously dimensioned flame tube with a low heat load guarantees excellent combustion and reduces carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide emissions. The large water content of the boiler ensures a continuous burner runtime and thus reduces the number of times the burner is switched on.

From the central company location in Austria, astebo gmbh looks after a wide variety of markets and does not set any limits. In addition to the European region, astebo sells its products and services to Africa and all regions of Asia and has also been active in South America since 2015. As open as astebo is for individual customer-specific system solutions, it is also open to cooperation with regions that at first glance are not typical sales markets. The reference project Ashdod in Israel serves as a prime example, where a gas and steam combined cycle power plant was built 40 km south of Tel Aviv with the support of astebo gmbh.

Diversity of steam boilers

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Low pressure range
Saturated steam TND-U
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High pressure series
Saturated steam THD-IZ
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High pressure product line Saturated steam THD-IZ Ü
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High pressure range Saturated steam THD-U
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High pressure product line Saturated steam THSD-I
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High pressure range Saturated steam THD-I
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High pressure range Saturated steam THSD-IE
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High pressure range Saturated steam THD-I-Ü

The all-round package from astebo gmbh

Tailor-made spare parts packages

As early as the project phase, tailor-made spare parts packages are worked out, which guarantee the permanent availability of the system even in the event of a malfunction. In order to enable this availability also for existing systems, astebo offers the option of revitalization and modernization.

Boiler repairs

astebo is your reliable partner in the areas of maintenance, system safety, control and water treatment. Boiler repairs and maintenance work are carried out by experienced boiler welders in accordance with the relevant standards in proven quality.

Plant analysis

Regardless of whether it is a BosB modernization or the conversion of the entire boiler system: astebo has the technical staff to analyze systems and optimize them as required. In this way, the economic operation of existing boiler systems can be ensured over the long term.

BosB operation without constant supervision

For decades, astebo has relied on a unique BosB system, which reliably and physically checks all limiters in the boiler system on a regular basis. The perfect functionality of the boiler safety equipment can thus be verified at any time.


Astebo gmbh designs its tailor-made, customer-specific systems together with its
Customers often already in the planning phase. Process engineering analyzes and the large
Industry experience used for system dimensioning and selection of the optimal system components.
Professional basic engineering supports the future operator with the submission and any necessary construction work. Quality-controlled order processing with corresponding detailed engineering, 3D production drawings from our own construction and an experienced commercial / technical project management guarantee on-time order processing and commissioning of the system.


Customer service

Our customer service team accompanies you from the time of commissioning and is your partner for the entire service life of your boiler system. Our customer service is also your contact for all topics in the field of conversion work, retrofitting work, system modernization and repairs. The established customer service organization of astebo gmbh offers its customers the necessary security in terms of system support, system testing and system or boiler maintenance.


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General questions

What makes astebo different from others?

astebo stands for austrian steam boilers; the Austrian producer for certified, high quality and durable products. We don't deliver off-the-shelf products, we deliver exactly what our customers need. Our company offers you tailor-made process engineering from in-house, through to construction and the entire project management. With us, you will be looked after by a motivated team of engineers from day one.

Our customers

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Reference steam boiler Dunapack

Subject of the order:     4 steam boilers, THD-IZ 55000 Ü16bar

Place of execution:              Dunapack Ltd., Dunaújváros (HU)

Technical specifications:          Two-flame tube boiler with integrated

Steam superheaters

  • 55,000 kg steam production per hour
  • Firing with natural gas, biogas and heating oil extra light

The efficiency of the four steam boilers is 95.52% and exceeds the required contract value, which leads to fuel savings of more than 266,000 m³ of natural gas per year.

Warm and hot water boiler

The main area of ​​application of warm and hot water boilers are heating centers for local and district heating as well as process heating systems. The pressurized water is used as a heat transfer medium. Astebo gmbh is able to achieve outputs of 0.8 MW to 40 MW with its warm and hot water boilers. The difference between these two types of boilers lies in the water temperature. With hot water boilers a water temperature of up to 110 ° C can be reached, with hot water boilers it is above 110 ° C.

Reference waste heat boiler Clariant

Subject of the order:                   

Waste heat boiler THD-2AK 20000 Ü22bar

Including planning, delivery, installation and commissioning of a natural gas-fired one

CHP plant consisting of

2 micro gas turbine packages C1000 and a waste heat boiler with additional firing including ancillary equipment

Place of execution:                             Mossburg (DE)

In addition to the heart of the system, the astebo boiler body, the new combined heat and power system is primarily responsible for increasing energy efficiency. With a thermal output of 18 MW and an electrical output of 2.0 MW, the local demand for process steam of up to 20 tons per hour is covered. At the same time, ten micro gas turbines generate a third of the electricity required. At full power, the system achieves an efficiency of 92.3%. The process of combined heat and power is defined as the simultaneous generation of electricity and usable heat in a thermal power station. The main advantage of this technology is the reduced fuel requirement for electricity and heat generation, which results from the extensive use of waste heat. Next

The optimal use of the fuel also leads to a reduction in pollutant emissions. In this way, around 4,000 tons of carbon dioxide can be saved annually at the Moosburg site.


Reference steam boiler Ashdod

Subject of the order:     Steam boiler, THD-IZ 48000 Ü13bar

Place of execution:             Ashdod (ISR)

In addition to the entire steam boiler system, astebo supplied the following
Components for the Israeli gas and steam combined cycle power plant:

• Feed water tank and feed water supply
• Dosing system
• Blowdown tank
• Combustion plant, fittings and instrumentation
• Pipelines up to the transfer points
• EMSR planning, electrical wiring and programming
• Steel construction
• Chimney system


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