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The main area of ​​application of warm and hot water boilers are heating centers for local and district heating as well as process heating systems. The pressurized water is used as a heat transfer medium. Astebo gmbh is able to achieve outputs of 0.5 MW to 40 MW with its warm and hot water boilers. Depending on the water temperatures, the performance and the required pressure, an optimal product with the necessary equipment according to the respective building standard is offered.


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Warm water boilers and hot water boilers in a nutshell

Optimal process heat,
plant heat and district heating!

The main area of ​​application of warm water boilers and hot water boilers is the central and autonomous heat supply of buildings and other structures as well as the provision of heat for various technological processes in which hot water is used as a heat carrier.

Astebo's delivery program includes three-pass flame tube smoke tube boilers either as single flame tube or double flame tube boiler with a maximum permissible operating pressure of 6, 10, 13 or 16 bar. Special solutions with up to 40bar according to customer requirements.

As fuel for astebo warm and hot water boilers, natural gas and heating oil can also be used as biogas and hydrogen, as well as other types of liquid and gaseous fuels, depending on customer requirements.

The main features of the astebo warm and hot water boilers are durability, operational safety, economy, high processing quality, low pollutant emissions as well as easy installation and maintenance.

The production of boilers astebo takes place in accordance with the European guidelines for pressure equipment and in accordance with the latest technical developments. The boiler production meets all quality requirements in accordance with the applicable European standards.

astebo Heisswasserkessel Warmwasserkessel THW-I-NTE
Range up to 120 ° C
Hot water boiler THW-I-NTE
asteo Heisswasserkessel THW-I-HTE
Range above 120 ° C
Hot water boiler aqua 3E
astebo Heisswasserkessel THW-I
Range above 120 ° C
Hot water boiler THW-I
astebo Heisswasserkessel THW-IZ
Range above 120 ° C
THW-IZ hot water boiler

unique astebo - what makes us your unique partner

Large water space boiler

guarantees low switching frequency of the burner. This reduces heat loss and the emission of NOx and CO. This ensures the longevity of the burner and reduces the power consumption of the system.

Low thermal voltages

The tried and tested astebo boiler construction with the completely water-cooled flue gas turning chamber by means of a fin tube wall and generously dimensioned expansion distances guarantees an elastic construction. This ensures low material tension and guarantees a long service life.

Long lasting products

Astebo gmbh has been supplying boilers to customers all over the world for over 40 years. We look after our systems with the aim of guaranteeing the customer the highest possible quality. Our boilers are dimensioned for a service life of at least 40 years, which ensures high profitability.

Functions that create maximum efficiency - only from astebo

Fin tube wall

The fin tube wall as a membrane wall ensures a completely water-cooled flue gas turning chamber without cumbersome tie rods and thus guarantees the highest possible thermoelastic construction.
This technical solution also has another important advantage - the large load-bearing capacity, which optimizes the boiler construction as a whole.


Total provider

Depending on the customer's requirements, our boiler systems can be equipped and supplied with built-in or free-standing economizers, combustion units, control and safety technology and all other necessary additional equipment.

astebo gmbh

Internal return increase

Through an injector effect, hotter boiler water is continuously added to the water inlet in the boiler at the return connection. This ensures smaller temperature differences in the boiler and thus also smaller thermal voltages.


General questions

What makes astebo different from others?

astebo stands for austrian steam boilers; the Austrian producer for certified, high quality and durable products. We don't deliver off-the-shelf products, we deliver exactly what our customers need. Our company offers you tailor-made process engineering from in-house, through to construction and the entire project management. With us, you will be looked after by a motivated team of engineers from day one.

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Reference hot water boiler - Klagenfurt project

Subject of the contract: 3 hot water boilers of 33 MW each
Place of execution: District heating power station Klagenfurt (AT)

In the course of the new construction of the Klagenfurt district heating power plant, a significant reduction in emissions was achieved:

In addition to an 80% reduction in nitrogen oxides and an almost 100% reduction in
Sulfur dioxide and dust have also significantly increased the efficiency of the heating system.


Reference hot water boiler Audi

Astebo gmbh developed the optimal hot water requirement for the Audi plant in Hungary in order to supply the entire system with warm water and hot water in a stable, high quality and with high efficiency.

Heisswasserkessel Audi

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