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Container construction

Feed water tank | Blowdown tank | Condensate tank
All-round coordinated - fully integrated - 100% mature

astebo develops and produces all the containers required for the respective boiler system. These are usually feed water, blowdown and condensate tanks. The design of all containers used in boiler systems is carried out by our engineers according to the system characteristics.


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Blowdown tank | Condensate tank | Feed water tank

Condensate tank
Feed water tank
Blowdown tank

Container for feed water boiler for your industrial boiler system

We make feed water tanks.
for over 40 years.

Feed water tanks are mostly heated containers and take on important tasks in steam boiler systems such as storage, degassing, conditioning and temperature control of the feed water. The feed water pumps suck in the water from the feed water tank and bring it to the pressure of the steam generator.


The design of the degasser is of great importance. The amount and temperature of the condensate, the amount and temperature of fresh water, the degassing temperature, the heating medium and the heating steam pressure are taken into account.

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Speisewasserbehälter astebo

Control technology for containers

industrial controlling intelligence
the all-round service of astebo gmbh

Well-founded process engineering knowledge and sophisticated control technology are required for the perfect interaction of feedwater tanks and boiler systems.

Water is continuously fed into the boiler via the feed water control valve. The amount of water supplied is proportional to the steam output. The fresh water must be preheated and softened in the feed water tank. Carbon dioxide and oxygen are also expelled via the degasser above.

astebo produces feed water tanks with a capacity of 500 to 50,000 liters or a degasser output of 0.5 to 50 m³ / h.


Blowdown tank

optimal desludging.
optimal boiler run.

During the operation of boiler systems, suspended matter and solids are formed, which over time accumulate, partially sink to the bottom of the boiler and are deposited there. For the proper operation of boiler systems, it is necessary to discharge these deposits. Blow-down tanks are used to clean the boiler water system.


Blow-down tanks are offered ready-to-install with a capacity of 500 to 2000 liters and thus cover the entire performance spectrum of astebo's boiler systems.


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Control of the blow-down container

automatic blowdown.
optimal boiler run.

The blow-down valve of the blow-down tank is opened at regular intervals. The large volume flow, which is briefly effective at this moment, entrains the accumulated foreign matter and excretes it. The blow-down valve is suddenly opened by means of a pneumatic membrane drive, which is controlled by a blow-down program control with an integrated solenoid valve. Both compressed air and pressurized water can be used as the control medium.

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Condensate tank

Condensate tanks take on important tasks in boiler systems, namely the collection, intermediate storage and return of hot condensate for the water-steam cycle of the boiler. Condensate accumulates when the steam cools and should be fed back into steam generation in the course of economic efficiency, as it is desalinated and already preheated. Astebo thus makes a significant contribution to increasing the profitability of steam boiler systems.

automatische Steuerung der Kondensatpumpen
automatische Steuerung der Kondensatpumpen

Automatic control of the condensate pumps

Automatic pump control.
optimal boiler run.

Condensate tanks, like the feed water and blowdown tanks, are integrated into the boiler control and are regulated by pumping over the level of the condensate tank and the feed water tank.


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What makes astebo different from others?

astebo stands for austrian steam boilers; the Austrian producer for certified, high quality and durable products. We don't deliver off-the-shelf products, we deliver exactly what our customers need. Our company offers you tailor-made process engineering from in-house, through to construction and the entire project management. With us, you will be looked after by a motivated team of engineers from day one.

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