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EMSR Progammierung

EMSR programming exactly
according to your needs

Electronic measurement technology, control technology and regulation technology

We use standard components from well-known manufacturers for the automation of our boiler systems and thus ensure worldwide and permanent availability of our EMSR products. This enables us to achieve the highest possible level of reliability for steam and hot water boiler systems for the user.

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Exactly what is needed. Exactly when it is needed.

We supply you with the appropriate measurement, control and regulation technology for all systems and of course program them according to your specifications in compliance with all currently applicable safety standards for maximum efficiency, availability and convenience - whether for new or existing systems.

Our control programs have a modular structure and can therefore be individually adapted and expanded in the shortest possible time. Transparency and security for our customers are the top priority in EI&C programming and are the guarantee for a permanent, stable customer-supplier relationship on a digital level. All functions are 100% tested in the course of product development and continuously optimized over many years in use. A major advantage of the modular structure is the time and training-optimized commissioning of boiler systems, as well as the easy updating and modernization of operating instructions and operating documents.

EMSR Progammierung
EMSR Progammierung

State-of-the-art technology for your industrial boiler system

Extensions can be implemented and implemented as quickly as possible in order to offer the customer the greatest possible convenience. We keep up with the times and only use state-of-the-art components. We give a spare parts availability guarantee of up to 15 years on our control cabinet components. We live the partnership-based contact with the maintenance and programming specialists of our customers in order to jointly drive the continuous further development of the system controls.

Due to the use of common BUS connections, we offer extensive options for connecting the boiler controls to a (customer's own) control system. This means that life data of the boiler system can be tracked and evaluated at a higher level. After clarifying the interface configuration with the customer, he can, for example. Integrate energy monitoring, operational data processes, etc. into your operational controlling without any problems.

For each manipulated and controlled variable, graphic evaluations are made available on the boiler control interface in order to know about the operating status and the chronological sequence of boiler operation.

General questions

What makes astebo different from others?

astebo stands for austrian steam boilers; the Austrian producer for certified, high quality and durable products. We don't deliver off-the-shelf products, we deliver exactly what our customers need. Our company offers you tailor-made process engineering from in-house, through to construction and the entire project management. With us, you will be looked after by a motivated team of engineers from day one.

We are here for you.
Always and everywhere.

Depending on your needs, we offer a tried and tested tool for remote maintenance of boiler systems using VPN technology or alternative customer systems.

Boiler sequence controls (for double flame tube boilers or single boilers in a network) are our specialty and ensure efficient operation of the boiler system. This leads to reduced operating costs and an optimized operation of the boiler.

Our programming philosophy in the development and implementation of graphic interfaces is based on the principle of "Keep it simple". This ensures that the system operators get used to the new boiler system from astebo and enables procedural traceability of the processes in the boiler system without having to study process and system documentation in paper form on the system. Especially with highly efficient and complex systems, this philosophy is a real advantage for the system operator.

EMSR Progammierung
EMSR Progammierung VPN

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