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Boiler control development and implementation

We develop and implement electronic boiler controls according to the current state of science and technology as well as according to your special needs.


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Interactive control
or autom. Business.

For the boiler to start safely, all system faults must be acknowledged and the main switch must be open. The boiler can then be put into operation and all components are automatically switched to automatic mode. All parameters for safe operation are automatically maintained in automatic mode.


Emissions control and optimal safety

We pay particular attention to the safety and your ease of use when operating the boiler system. We achieve the simultaneous compliance with business parameters (fuel consumption, efficiency, etc.) and normative specifications (emissions) in automatic regular operation through our extensive process engineering know-how and our flexibility in relation to your requirements.


Clean operation.
without foreign matter.

The automatic blow-down system regularly removes the foreign matter that has accumulated during normal operation of boiler systems from the boiler. For this purpose, the blow-down valve is opened at intervals and the foreign substances are entrained and eliminated by a briefly large volume flow.

Indicative intelligence.
electronically monitored.

If a fault is pending or a message is issued, an indicator appears and indicates how many messages are currently pending. All information and faults are displayed in the population register. Information is only used to provide information about the current operating status of the system. A fault, on the other hand, requires mandatory action: the automatic desalination control prevents the conductivity of the boiler water from being exceeded. The impurities that arise in the boiler water during normal operation are specifically separated out in order to maintain the pre-set conductivity.


Operating pressure and load levels

The regulation via "load levels" is used with oil burners and the oil burner is operated purely as a threshold switch. If the operating pressure falls below the respective associated value, the next load level is requested.

Control valve

Water will be continuously fed into the boiler via the feed water control valve. The amount of water supplied is proportional to the steam output.


Modulating burner

For an economical boiler operation, the condensate that forms when the steam cools is fed back into the steam generator, as it is desalinated and already preheated.

The steam output required by the consumers is controlled by the burner. The burner control can be done in two ways. The "modulating" burner control is used with gas burners. If the pressure in the steam system falls below the set target value, the burner output is increased by means of PID control. If it increases beyond this, the burner output is reduced.


more controls

In addition to the control elements described as an example, further control parameters are taken into account in a boiler control, such as main steam valve, fresh water supply, combustion chamber pressure, feed water injection, etc.

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