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safe & durable products

The aim of the entire astebo gmbh team is to make our products even more efficient, even safer and even more durable.


The engineers, process technicians, service technicians as well as the professional back office of astebo gmbh look after you in all matters relating to all product lines and beyond. From beginning to. For over 40 years.

Industrial boiler construction

industrieller Dampfkessel als Grosswasserraumkessel der astebo gmbh

Steam boiler

We manufacture low-pressure boilers, high-pressure boilers, shell boilers in almost any special production according to customer requirements.

industrieller Dampfkessel als Grosswasserraumkessel der astebo gmbh

mobile steam systems

Whether in a container or on a truck as a mobile steam platform, with our mobile steam boiler systems you will always receive the optimal process heat for your needs.

industrielle Abhitzekessel der astebo gmbh

Waste heat boiler

You can achieve maximum energy efficiency for your industrial system with our waste heat boilers.

We make steam.
For over 40 years.

  • Highest quality
  • Internationally certified
  • Years of experience
  • Up 2 date
industrieller Heisswasserkessel

Hot water boiler

Warm water or hot water boilers, whether for your own industrial plant or the operation of a heating plant, our boilers are used everywhere.


Container construction

The operation of your efficient boiler system becomes even better with the appropriate containers. Feed water tanks, blowdown tanks, code set tanks or special tanks - we deliver the optimum for your system.

Electronic data processing and control in boiler construction

Brennerssteme für Ihre industrielle Kesselanlage


Operation without constant monitoring is state of the art today and technology with BosB technology from astebo gmbh is way ahead of the competition.


Boiler control

In addition to monitoring the control elements, the control of the boiler elements is a must for every modern industrial boiler for optimal IT-supported use.

EMSR Programmierung für Industrieanlagen

EMSR programming

Whether it is the EMSR programming of additional modules for your existing system or industrial control intelligence for the entire system, our engineers will be happy to support you.

The ongoing boiler operation

Ersatzteile und Services für Kesselanlagen

Spare parts and components

Our portfolio in the area of ​​spare parts, together with the boiler components, covers almost everything. We also offer appropriate packages for stable and safe operation for systems that have been in operation for decades.

Brennerssteme für Ihre industrielle Kesselanlage

Burner systems

The reduction of our cabron footprint as well as Co2 reduction are more important today than ever. Thanks to modern and highly efficient boiler systems from astebo gmbh in conjunction with the optimal burner system, your investment is quickly amortized.

Kesselwartung und Systemwartung Ihrer industriellen Anlage

System and boiler maintenance

The better the regular boiler maintenance - the more durable and efficient your entire system is. Our service fleet is available for you everywhere and, if necessary, at any time of the day or night.


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