Heat recovery boilers

These boilers are produced without fire tubes but with attached cooling screen slings. They are customizations for respective applications and are typically used in biomass furnace, behind combustion turbines or gas engines.

Customer specific production

The company astebo manufactures its boilers according to specific customer´s requests, for all intents and purposes tailor made. Directly on site, the boiler systems are installed and prepared for commissioning by the own assembly personnel.

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Reference steam boiler – Project Dunapack

The efficiency of all four boilers is 95.52 % and exceeds the required contract value. That leads to fuel savings of more than 266,000 m³ natural gas per year …


Reference hot water boiler – Project Klagenfurt

With the construction of the district heating station Klagenfurt, a relevant reduction of emissions was achieved: Besides an 80% reduction …


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Reference heat recovery boiler – Project Clariant

Due to the astebo boiler – the heart of the plant – and the cogeneration, the energy efficiency was increased. The local need for process steam …


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